Saturday, January 5, 2013

My ASOS Dubstep trainers

I mentioned a while ago that I had ordered a pair of high top ASOS Dubstep trainers, and now they have arrived! I must say they are a bit flashier than my previous pair of ASOS trainers, but I like that actually. I don't mind having trainers that people notice after all!

They are also just as comfy as the first pair, and I love how the hologram details look in real life, even though it's kind of hard to capture that on camera, but I hope these pictures will give you some kind of idea of how the trainers look in real life at least:

These trainers are actually on sale over at ASOS right now, like I mentioned in my post about the ASOS sale a while ago, so if you are looking for a really nice pair of trainers, I can definitely recommend getting these!

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