Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 recap

A lot can happen in a year, and here at The Flats Blog, there has been quite a lot of action during the last year indeed! I wrote 165 posts about flats, celebrities wearing flats, the flats I bought myself and so on. Not a bad number, considering that I actually managed to stick to the topic, which - let's face it - is pretty narrow, the entire time!

I also shopped quite a lot of flats, that I shared with you, here are some examples:

But I am also reminded of the fact that I did not take photos of all the flats I bought yet, so I still have some catching up to do!

I also missed out on a pair of flats I really, really wanted, and that still annoys me (yes, I am serious!), the Jeffrey Campbell Cosmo spiked flats mentioned here.
The 5 most popular posts of the year were:
A post about Emma Stone in black flats
A post about Angelina Jolie, wearing nude flats (I hope people didn't look for Angelina posing nude to get there!)
A post about Bar Refaeli wearing some red, flat boots
A post about a pair of crochet flats I bough myself over at H&M
A post about Natalie Portman and her black Converse sneakers.

And most people who got here were actually looking for information about Chanel flats in some form, interesting!

Most readers of the blog during the year were from the US, the UK and Canada, but I also had readers from more exotic locations like Thailand, Mexico and Brazil. So I would say it was a pretty good year for the blog. And I have all my readers to thank for that of course. So Happy (and Chanel flat filled) 2012 to you all! Let's talk again on the other side!

Flats on sale right now: Best picks from Net-a-Porter

So to follow up on my post about the best flats on sale over at ASOS from yesterday, here are some tips on great flats for sale over at Net-a-Porter, another amazing, yet also more expensive online store than ASOS:

- Red, classic Lanvin flats (you can read more about Lanvin flats and what makes them so sought after here), a great buy for anyone who likes red and wants a really timeless flat. They'll be yours for 178GBP only!
- If you prefer more "fun" flats, there is also a heart print pair of Lanvins for sale, for 163.33 GBP.
- You could also get a nice pair of Lanvin sneakers in the same pattern if you prefer. These are slightly more than the flats, though, as can be expected with sneakers I guess, 215 GBP.
- There is also a more affordable, yet really cute sneakers, on sale: these Converse Chuck Taylor Missoni sneakers, for 117 GBP.
So yes, Net-a-Porter is definitely worth taking a look at if you are looking for either flats or sneakers right now, these are just my favorites from the sale, there are tons of other cute pairs to choose from as well!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flats on sale right now: Best picks from ASOS

As you may have noticed, sales are going on all over the place right now. And the internet and all the online stores it hosts is no exception, of course. In this post, I'm going to show you my picks for the best deals for cute flats, in the online store ASOS (one of my favorite online stores, I buy quite a lot of shoes there as you may have noticed). There will be more similar posts, for other online stores, to follow, so keep an eye out for those as well, if you are looking for some nice flats for great prices right now!

But now, back to ASOS, and the best deals I think you can find there now. Here are some, in my opinion, very good deals that you can still get:
- ASOS Lulu flats in nude lace. They are only 6.5 GBP right now, and they are great! (I have them myself, as mentioned here)

- Studded ASOS Lover flats, if you are really into the stud trend, like me. Just 11 GBP on sale!
- The colorful leopard print ASOS Lucy flats I have as well. Just as cute in real life as in the photos (but they are kind of hard, so if you are thinking of going up or down a size, always go up in order to be comfortable!) and only 12 GBP at the moment.
- Black Mel by Melissa flats with a bow. I don't know how familiar you guys are with Melissa flats, but they are excellent, very durable and smell amazing, even if you wear them during the summer and have... ahem, sweaty feet. Highly recommended! 15 GBP at the moment.
- Studded London Rebel plaid flats. Very on trend now, and great for those of you who like plaid! (I personally think it's a lovely look) Only 18 GBP at the moment, down from 35 GBP!
- Neon pink flats, also by London Rebel. Neon colors are a trend that comes and goes back into fashion from time to time, and it happens to be very trendy at the moment too. So I think a pair of neon flats is a really good investment actually! Also 18 GBP at the moment.
- The ASOS Dubstep sneakers I ordered myself not long ago. Only 22 GBP!
- Cat face slipper shoes by Blink. You see these, or similar pairs everywhere these days, and aren't they so cute? 28 GBP at the moment, but well worth it, I think!

- The Blink studded high top sneakers I actually have, and people compliment me for all the time! Very comfy, very cool - in real life too! 29 GBP at the moment.

- Quilted black patent flats by legendary French flats maker French Sole, for those of you looking for a timeless, high quality basic black flat (very often featured here on the blog, as you know). 91 GBP, but keep in mind you'll be wearing these for years and years!

Heidi Klum in colorful sneakers

I actually really like these, and wouldn't mind a pair just like these myself!

(pics from Just Jared)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The most perfect flats this time of year

Must be red and sparkly ones, like these:
I don't have a pair like this myself, and it's kind of late to get a pair now, but something to keep in mind for next year's holidays for sure!

(pic from We Heart It)

Shopped: My new ASOS Dubstep high top trainers

As some of you may remember, I ordered a pair of high top studded Blink studded trainers a while ago. I have been getting so many compliments for them that I decided to get another pair of similar trainers from ASOS (where the Blink trainers were bought as well) when I saw that they had a big sale on shoes.

But this time, I decided to go for a pair from ASOS' own brand, called the Dubstep.

These don't have as many studs as my first pair of studded trainers, but I like the cool side panels on them, which make them interesting in a different way than the first pair.

If anyone reading this would like to get a pair too, I should mention that they are actually still on sale, and so are many other shoes over at ASOS, so it is definitely worth taking a look if you are planning on getting some new additions to your shoe wardrobe!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My new hounds tooth flats

Hounds tooth is a pattern that is both classic, because it becomes fashionable every few years, and super trendy right now. I actually own several hounds tooth patterned items already, but I've never had a hounds tooth patterned pair of flat before. Until now. You see, I just ordered these cuties from Modcloth:

I think I will get a lot of wear out of these, not just this season, but if they just stay in good condition, I am sure I can get them out year after year too! So a really good investment, if you ask me!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gorgeous turquoise Tory Burch Reva flats

Yeah, yeah, I know I already blogged about Tory Burch flats today in my previous post, but I simply love these turquoise Tory Burch flats, so pretty.

This color is just gorgeous! And yep, just like the Tory Burch flats in the previous post, there are patent leather too. Perfect!

Looking for the perfect red patent flats?

A great look for any Christmas party, after all! If so, may I suggest these Tory Burch Chelsea flats in patent leather?

I think they are just adorable, and the little logo is just the right size too. Kind of understated, but still there, if you want to make sure people notice it is actually Tory Burch flats you are wearing...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cool studded Forever 21 flats

Studded flats are extremely popular right now, and I love them too, which you may already have noticed if you read this, this or this, for instance. I just haven't found a pair that feels completely right to me yet, except the amazing Jeffrey Campbell ones, that sold out really fast. But now I am thinking about getting these, that I just noticed over at Forever 21:

I like how they are not completely covered with studs, and the shape is just the kind I like on flats too!

Kourtney Kardashian i cute flat sandals

As you may or may not know, Kourtney is actually in Miami right now, so she can wear sandals even at this time of year (lucky her!), and I absolutely love how she matched these sandals with her top. The sandals are pretty cute on their own too, though.

(pic from People)

Jennifer Lopez in patent black flats

Like Reese Witherspoon, in the previous post, Jennifer Lopez also went for an all black, chic look with patent black flats recently. I must say I don't really like Jennifer's pants, though, and the flats aren't as nice as Reese's either. But still, a classy, timeless look!

(pic from People)

Reese Witherspoon looking stylish in black flats

I love all black outfits like the one she is wearing in this picture, it always looks so chic, especially when you use a stunning, classy bag and great shoes, like these patent black flats, to pull the look together.

(pic from People)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Famous flat wearers: Kaley Cuoco

The Coveteur had a piece on The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco a while ago, where they showed her closet. And I noticed she actually seems to have a lot of flats in her amazing shoe collection.
And she has an impressive amount of Chanel flats too, lucky girl!
I also really like the blue sneakers she was wearing when The Coveteur visited her:

Really cool, and the color is awesome too!

Jennifer Garner in black flat boots

The perfect winter staple for a lot of people, including myself.
So if you haven't got a pair of black flat boots yet, I can highly recommend getting a pair!

(pic from People)

Taylor Swift in sparkly flats

On stage! Pretty cool.
I love the flats too, they're very cute.

(pic from People)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Awesome spiked Louboutin sneakers

I have a pair of studded sneakers already (see my post about them here), but of course, as with most shoes, a studded pair of Louboutin sneakers is always cooler:
These have to be the ultimate pair of sneakers right now! (If you'd prefer a pink pair over a black pair, please see this)

(pic from We Heart It)

The perfect holiday themed flats

For those who are into holiday themed clothing and accessories, must be these Charlotte Olympia Holly suede flats:

There is also a matching clutch bag available, if you really want to go all the way over the holidays.
I must admit both the shoes and the bag are rather expensive for items that you can only use during a limited time of the year though.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ashlee Simpson in sneakers

And pretty cool ones at that, I love the look of them anyway.
Also in the pictures is her son Bronx, of course.

(pics from Just Jared)