Friday, March 30, 2012

Katherine Heigl in beige flats

I admire how she always pulls off casual outfits so well. A true inspiration for all of us!

(pics from Just Jared)

Amanda Seyfried in flat boots

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of the boots themselves, but the rest of the look is great for a casual outfit. She looks really cute!

(pics from Just Jared)

Emma Stone in black flats

I love both the flats and the jacket, by the way. The jacket looks very Chanel-like, such a classic look!

(pic from People)

Vanessa Lachey in cute flat sandals

A great choice when you are pregnant, of course.
And by the way, I love the blue flats you can see on the unknown blonde in the background, great color!

(pic from People)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some good choices for those of you looking for basic black flats

I've been writing a lot about basic black flats lately, and I love wearing black flats myself, so I thought I would share some great choices for those of you who are still looking for basic black flats in this post.

These are from Rocket Dog, one of my favorite brands for flats, since they are both durable and cute on, and cost as little as $31.50!

Very basic black flats, but remember: those are often the best ones, if you want the flats to go with EVERYTHING. These start at $52.50 but are sure to last for ages!

Ralph Lauren does classic looks wonderfully of course, so of course there are some really cute and basic black flats out there too. I personally like these, and think they are a great buy at under $60!

If you are looking for some black ballet flats with some interesting texture on them, these DKNY flats are really cute, I think.

These black flats may not look that special, but believe me: they are! That's because they are foldable and come with a small bag where you can put them when you are not using them, making them perfect for carrying around for situations where you might need to change your shoes for some reason. I love the look of these and they really have a classic feel about them, despite them being foldable!

(If you are interested in getting any of these flats, just click on the picture and you will be taken to a place where you can buy them)

Alessandra Ambrosio in black flats

Now a lot of people say flats don't go that well with long dresses, but Alessandra really proves them wrong with this outfit and her cute black flats! (I also like to wear flats with long dresses, I think it can be done, you just need to think carefully about the proportions)

(pics from Just Jared)

Dianna Agron in cute black flats

Very useful and reliable shoes, those basic black flats, indeed!

(pic from Just Jared)

Minka Kelly in flats

They look like Havaianas (which I love!) to me, but I could be wrong about that. Either way, a very fun and summery outfit, I love the jeans!

(pics from Just Jared)

Friday, March 23, 2012

My news flats are here!

I finally got my new flats that I ordered from ASOS and that I mentioned here.

And I absolutely thrilled to tell you guys that these flats are both pretty and comfortable in real life! So if you have tried ASOS flats before and liked them (like me), I am pretty sure you would like these too!

(the photos are mine)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Elizabeth Olsen in brown flats

Not a type of flat I would personally go for, but it looks really cool and Annie Hall-ish on her!

(pic from Just Jared)

Pippa Middleton in cute black flats

So you see, these are not only staples in the shoe wardrobe of us commoners, but in the (almost) royal family too!

(pics from Just Jared)

Adorable Marc Jacobs flats with studs

I've always loved Marc Jacobs mouse flats (and I even have a pair myself! I really should show them off here at some point. Meanwhile, you can see pics of them here), and I love all the new versions of them that keep popping up on a regular basis. One of the coolest versions of this classic flat, however, is the studded version:

I love these flats, in both colors! (but would probably end up getting them in black)
The studded details just make them so cool, edgy and unusual compared to the regular Marc Jacobs flats.

(You can get these over at Zappos, here and here)

Taylor Swift in black interesting flats

Her flats look kind of like a mix between loafers and ballet flats, interesting! (Even though not quite my personal style, to be honest)

(pic from

Friday, March 16, 2012

My new crochet flats from H&M

I made an impulse buy of flats yesterday, and the pair I ended up getting does not resemble any pair that I have previously.
You see, I have never been a big fan of crochet, so I don't think I own anything that is made by this technique. But when I saw these flats, I thought they looked so cute, I decided to give something new a try for a change:
I love the color on these flats (they are Divided, which is a special H&M label), they are available in several other colors as well, but this color was the prettiest by far according to me, so I knew I had to get exactly these the moment I saw them.
I also got a matching tank top at the same time, you can see that one over here.

Beyonce and daughter Blue Ivy - both in flats

I love both pairs, but actually think that Blue Ivy's pair is a little bit cuter. Is that weird?
(I think they are Marc Jacobs' by the way, but have no idea where Beyonces' pair is from)

(photo from Fashionista)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miranda Kerr in classic black flats

A great look on anyone, but especially on a supermodel, of course!

(pic from Just Jared)

Taylor Swift in blue flats

In Melbourne, Australia.

I love the color personally, and I think I even have a pair quite similar to these myself. Taylor's pair looks slightly shinier, though.

(pic from Just Jared)

Kourtney Kardashian in white flats

I love the little pink bows on them, so cute! I would definitely love to get a pair like this!

(pic from

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Angelina Jolie in nude colored flats

I personally think this is a great look, I really need to get a pair of nude flats myself!

But then again, Angelina looks great in everything, doesn't she?

(pic from People)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Got myself some new flats!

And it's actually a pair that I have already mentioned here on the blog previously.
I'm talking about the cute weaved and striped flats from ASOS I spotted a while, that very much remind me of Missoni.

I have some flats from ASOS already, and even though I don't wear all of them a lot (because I tend to buy really colorful flats from there that don't really go with a lot of things) I've never had any problems with their flats, fit-wise or otherwise.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rachel Bilson in colorful flats

I have no idea what brand this is though, but they are awfully cute, I have to say!
The photos were taken yesterday, the 7th of March 2012.

(pics from Just Jared)

Zoe Saldana in black flat books on the Star Trek set

I personally think these boots are just great, since they are both versatile and wearable, and I would really love to have a pair just like them myself.

(pics from Just Jared)