Lanvin flats

Flats from the classic French brand Lanvin are often considered some of the most classic shoes for a very typical French chic look. These days, Lanvin makes everything from heels to accessories and ball gowns, but their classic, plain Lanvin ballet flats have been best sellers in the range for a really long time, and continue to be so until this day.
This is partly because you can find Lanvin flats in all kinds of colors and materials, even though every Lanvin flat isn't produced every season. But there are so many different kinds of Lanvin flat shoes coming out, that they have even become collectables for some.
If you are just going to get one pair of Lanvin ballerina flats, the Lanvin patent flats are often the most popular choice, since Lanvin patent flats are very timeless, especially if you get them in a muted color, but should you opt for a more "fun" Lanvin ballet flat, there are all kinds of crazy colors and combinations to choose from. So if you are considering getting a pair of Lanvin flat shoes, the first thing you should decide on is if you want a classic pair for every day wear, or a more statement making pair.
Lanvin ballet flats are sold in a lot of high end stores, department stores and online stores, so you can find Lanvin shoes almost everywhere where there are more upscale stores, and should you not have any of those where you live, looking for the perfect Lanvin flat online is a great option. Net a Porter and My Theresa constantly have these shoes in store, but keep in mind that Lanvin ballet flats are not the only kind of Lanvin flat shoes you can find. Instead, there are also Lanvin sneakers and Lanvin trainers these days, and they can be a great choice for those who want a comfortable pair of Lanvin shoes too.
If you haven't seen Lanvin sneakers or Lanvin trainers in your local store or department store, that is not so surprising though, since they are a bit more rare than the Lanvin ballerina flats, but then you should be able to find a nice pair of Lanvin sneakers online.

Another great thing about Lanvin flats is that you can often find Lanvin flats on sale, but usually the most classic colors do not go on sale, which is important to keep in mind. So if you want to save money by getting Lanvin flats on sale, prepare to only have more unusual, trendy colors to choose from.

(pics from Jeana Sohn, Closet Boston and Runaway Chic)

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