My own collection

Please note! This page is still under construction, so it does not have pics of all my flats yet, but I am working on adding as many of them as possible, as soon as possible!

My Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse shoes, in black. I absolutely love these and had been lusting after a pair for years (yes, literally!) before I got them. I am so pleased with them that I will probably buy them in another color at some point too.

Striped ballet shoes from ASOS. I love the Missoni-esque look and the colors!
I actually have a pair of actual, well almost anyway, Missoni flats too. These are from the Missoni for Target line, and I love the color combo!
Hounds tooth patterned ballet flats from Modcloth. As a huge fan of everything with hounds tooth pattern on it, I just couldn't resist these! And they are actually way more versatile than one might initially think!
These aqua colored crochet flats from H&Ms Divided collection were another recent buy. Perfect for summer!
Colorful leopard print ASOS flats, which are - at least in my opinion - way more fun than regular leopard print flats, in more natural colors.

These weaved, Bottega Veneta-ish flats are from French brand La Redoute and are actually several years old. But the craftmanship (hard to show in photos, I am afraid) is amazing, so these shoes actually look as good as new, even 5-6 years later.Since I tend to wear a lot of silver jewelry (and white gold, but never, ever yellow gold, since it doesn't go at all with my skin tone) having a pair of silver flats comes in really handy when you want to dress up a little, but not in a very obvious way, since it's easy to match the shoes to the jewelry.
Black Havaianas (the slim model), my go to staple shoewise in the summer. I actually have Havaianas in a lot of different colors, but the black ones are always the pair that gets used the most.

A pair of rather childish, yet fun flip flops that were gifted to me by my husband. I love the fake pearls on these (the Hello Kitty pic is actually not visible when you wear them, so they look less childish on) and I do wear them for a slightly more dressed up flip flop look sometimes. (And I even match them with real pearl jewelry from time to time!)

I love Melissa shoes, because unlike most shoes, especially shoes you wear in the summer, they smell so nice, even when you've worn them for a long time. This pair of flip flops was my first pair of Melissa shoes, so they'll always be kind of special to me for that reason. They are made of plastic that smells wonderful, and I love the cute little hearts!
Converse sneakers (always the Chuck Taylor high tops) are also staples in my shoe wardrobe, since I love the casual look of these shoes. I have several pairs, in several different colors, but the pink pair is my favorite.
I've also been loving - and wearing! - H&M flats for years. I tend to get the most basic model of flat they have at least once a year, in black and some other colors, since I always wear these flats so much they wear out after a while. But that's okay, H&M flats are very cheap anyway, and it's fun to try new, fun colors every once in a while. Like these, royal blue shiny ones.
Since I love flats so much, I often wear them to parties and events too. But then you need the flats to have some kind of festive feel to them. That's why I love these sparkly shoes from Swedish brand Attitude, they have just the right amount: not too much (which could make them a bit cheap looking) and not too little (which would probably make them look very plain).
I do not have a huge collection of sneakers, since I am more of a ballet flats girl, but I have some cool pairs of sneakers, besides the previously mentioned Converse ones, too. Such as this ASOS Dubstep pair, with hologram details on the sides. Very comfy, but cool looking too!
I also have a pair of high top studded trainers from Blink, that I absolutely love. And so do most people who see them!
I also have a pair of studded ballet flats in black, from Forever 21, that I love. These go with pretty much everything and still look cool and edgy!

Neon yellow H&M flats, for those occasions when you want a fun pop of color: