Saturday, January 5, 2013

Modcloth flats: A review

I mentioned that I had ordered some hounds tooth flats from Modcloth a while ago. And now I have received them, worn them and therefore thought I would share some opinions on my first pair of Modcloth flats with you.
First of all, I was very impressed with the quality of the shoes. When you order flats and other shoes from new places, quality is one of the things you can't be quite sure of, after all. But these flats are really well made, and comfy to wear, which is another plus. I also got the package incredibly fast after I ordered it, which was nice. I must say the items weren't packed that well though, which is not a big issue, since the items were not ruined or anything when I got them, but they easily could have been, so packaging seems to be the only downside with Modcloth for me.
But quality-wise and comfort-wise these flats were just great! So I definitely think I will be ordering flats from Modcloth again!

If you'd like a pair of similar flats as well (they really are very cute in real life too!), you can find them here.

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