Chanel flats

Chanel is one of the most luxurious and classic fashion brands of all times. Most people who are at all interested in fashion have heard of the house of Chanel, founded in 1909 by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel who revolutionized fashion at the time.

Chanel ballet flats, specifically the Chanel Cambon flats with the Cambon double C's are one of the brand's signature pieces, together with the handbags the brand is famous for, and The Little Black Dresses that Coco came up with.

Coco Chanel herself was Chief Designer of the brand until her death in 1971, but today the head designer of Chanel is Karl Lagerfeld. There are 310 Chanel stores worldwide today, but the brand's flagship store is still located at Rue Cambon in Paris, where the first Chanel store was opened.

Due to the huge popularity of the brand, many Chanel products, including Chanel flat shoes are however counterfeited, so if you decide to get Chanel ballet shoes or any other Chanel shoes, be careful about where you buy them in order to avoid fakes.

Where to buy Chanel flats that are authentic
The best way to buy Chanel ballet flats if you want to be completely sure that they are authentic is to visit Chanel's website and see if there are any Chanel stores close to where you live. A Chanel store listed by their website is guaranteed only to sell authentic goods. Sometimes you might also find authentic Chanel flat shoes on Ebay, but be very careful when it comes to which sellers you buy from. Always check the feedback of the seller and try to see as many pictures of the Chanel flats on sale before buying, so you can try to figure out if they are authentic or not.

I have not managed to find any online store that sells authentic Chanel flats online so far, so if anyone knows of a place where Chanel flats online are available, please let me know and I will update this info!

Chanel flats
Chanel flats are typically two toned in color and classic, meaning they do not have extravagant patterns, even though they may sometimes have some fun details, but typical Chanel flats do not, since simplicity as well as timelessness has always been important to this brand.
So if you are looking for the most classic Chanel flats out there, two toned and simple is the way to go!

Basic Chanel black flats are also available, as well as Chanel flat boots from time to time (Chanel flat boots are not always available but the brand releases them some seasons) and you can usually find Chanel sandals in the Chanel spring and summer collections most years too.
Why buy Chanel flat shoes?
Chanel ballerina flats are great because they are really comfortable and they add a luxurious touch to any outfit, so wearing a Chanel flat is a great way to dress up any outfit, from jeans to a very boring and simple look otherwise.
Chanel ballet shoes also last for a really long time, and most Chanel flat shoes can also be resoled when they eventually get worn, since they really are made to last in every possible way.

What Chanel flats price can you expect to pay?
It depends very much on what kind of Chanel ballet shoes you get, since some of the makes are more expensive than others. Usually you aren't able to find Chanel flats on sale, however, so the Chanel flats price will usually be full price and nothing else. I have seen authentic Chanel flats on Ebay for $250 or so (new) but normally you should expect to pay at least $350 even for a rather simple pair. Keep in mind however, that your Chanel ballet shoes will surely last for years and years, so see the Chanel flats price as a long term investment.

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