Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jennifer Garner in a pair of adorable flats

I really like the look of these, but I have no idea where or what brand they are from, I'm afraid...

(pic from People)

Naomi Watts in brown booties

As well as two adorable kids, I might add!
I love the look of these shoes, they are really a classic look for a shoe and go with a lot of things!

(pic from People)

Katy Perry in black Converse

One of the most classic pairs of shoes ever, as I've already mentioned here on the blog many times previously. So it's really no surprise Katy likes them too!

(pic from People)

Reese Witherspoon in blue flats

And look how big her kids with Ryan Philippe are already! I totally had not realized that until I saw this pic!

(pic from People)

Monday, October 28, 2013

My new Rocket Dog flats

Rocket Dog is a brand of shoes that I absolutely used to love a few years back, since their flats are not only cute, but also really comfortable. Since I moved, and didn't have a Rocket Dog store next to my house anymore, I stopped buying their flats for quite some time, though. But when I spotted these Sierra Spirit flats, that at least by the look of the pictures over at Modcloth, where they are being sold, match a new bag I have perfectly, I decided to give Rocket Dog flats another try.

I truly love how these flats remind me of moccasins, yet they are not traditional moccasins, but rather moccasins with a twist. Very cool!

Friday, October 18, 2013

My new sneakers

I've always been a fan of pastel colors, so when I spotted these Pieces Candy Stud Trainers in what seems to me to be a mint green (but is called a "Bermuda Green" by ASOS) on the ASOS sale, I knew I had to get them. I probably would have even if they didn't have these cool studs, but they do, and that makes them even more interesting if you ask me.
If you like them as well, you should know that they are currently more than 50 % off at the ASOS sale (here), the price has been put down from 65 GBP to GBP. So quite a bargain if you ask me!