Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some awesome flat shoe finds at the Net-a-Porter sale

That I would love to be shopping if my feet hadn't changed sizes during my pregnancy, making it very hard to know what size to buy, because who knows if my feet will go back to the size they were after the baby is born or not?

In any case, some flat shoes I would recommend for the rest of you, who do not have problems like these, to buy, are:

- Kenzo's iconic Tiger applique flats, with pink stripes. So pretty, yet very fashion forward at the same time!

- Gorgeous Isabel Marant ankle boots, just adorable and so wearable too!

- Iconic Charlotte Olympia Sunkissed Kitty flats, with a really summery look. Because Charlotte Olympia was the first one to come up with the kitty flats, even if they are now copied by tons of others!

The coolest trainers right now...

... have to be the Adidas ones that were apparently an Instagram product (pretty cool in itself, I would say!). I love the look of these, and would love to get a pair, even if they might not be the most versatile pair of sneakers I've ever seen...
(pic from Talk Shoes)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Minna Parikka's amazing Bunny Sneakers

These have to be the coolest sneakers out there right now!

These sneakers, with adorable bunny ears, are designed by Finnish designer Minna Parikka, who has designed quite a few other cool shoes as well, and are available in both a limited edition (the colorful pair) and white and black pairs. I honestly can't decide which pair I would like the most myself! The pairs pictured are both absolutely adorable!