Sunday, December 30, 2012

Flats on sale right now: Best picks from Net-a-Porter

So to follow up on my post about the best flats on sale over at ASOS from yesterday, here are some tips on great flats for sale over at Net-a-Porter, another amazing, yet also more expensive online store than ASOS:

- Red, classic Lanvin flats (you can read more about Lanvin flats and what makes them so sought after here), a great buy for anyone who likes red and wants a really timeless flat. They'll be yours for 178GBP only!
- If you prefer more "fun" flats, there is also a heart print pair of Lanvins for sale, for 163.33 GBP.
- You could also get a nice pair of Lanvin sneakers in the same pattern if you prefer. These are slightly more than the flats, though, as can be expected with sneakers I guess, 215 GBP.
- There is also a more affordable, yet really cute sneakers, on sale: these Converse Chuck Taylor Missoni sneakers, for 117 GBP.
So yes, Net-a-Porter is definitely worth taking a look at if you are looking for either flats or sneakers right now, these are just my favorites from the sale, there are tons of other cute pairs to choose from as well!

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