Saturday, December 29, 2012

Flats on sale right now: Best picks from ASOS

As you may have noticed, sales are going on all over the place right now. And the internet and all the online stores it hosts is no exception, of course. In this post, I'm going to show you my picks for the best deals for cute flats, in the online store ASOS (one of my favorite online stores, I buy quite a lot of shoes there as you may have noticed). There will be more similar posts, for other online stores, to follow, so keep an eye out for those as well, if you are looking for some nice flats for great prices right now!

But now, back to ASOS, and the best deals I think you can find there now. Here are some, in my opinion, very good deals that you can still get:
- ASOS Lulu flats in nude lace. They are only 6.5 GBP right now, and they are great! (I have them myself, as mentioned here)

- Studded ASOS Lover flats, if you are really into the stud trend, like me. Just 11 GBP on sale!
- The colorful leopard print ASOS Lucy flats I have as well. Just as cute in real life as in the photos (but they are kind of hard, so if you are thinking of going up or down a size, always go up in order to be comfortable!) and only 12 GBP at the moment.
- Black Mel by Melissa flats with a bow. I don't know how familiar you guys are with Melissa flats, but they are excellent, very durable and smell amazing, even if you wear them during the summer and have... ahem, sweaty feet. Highly recommended! 15 GBP at the moment.
- Studded London Rebel plaid flats. Very on trend now, and great for those of you who like plaid! (I personally think it's a lovely look) Only 18 GBP at the moment, down from 35 GBP!
- Neon pink flats, also by London Rebel. Neon colors are a trend that comes and goes back into fashion from time to time, and it happens to be very trendy at the moment too. So I think a pair of neon flats is a really good investment actually! Also 18 GBP at the moment.
- The ASOS Dubstep sneakers I ordered myself not long ago. Only 22 GBP!
- Cat face slipper shoes by Blink. You see these, or similar pairs everywhere these days, and aren't they so cute? 28 GBP at the moment, but well worth it, I think!

- The Blink studded high top sneakers I actually have, and people compliment me for all the time! Very comfy, very cool - in real life too! 29 GBP at the moment.

- Quilted black patent flats by legendary French flats maker French Sole, for those of you looking for a timeless, high quality basic black flat (very often featured here on the blog, as you know). 91 GBP, but keep in mind you'll be wearing these for years and years!

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