Friday, January 27, 2012

The perfect white flats for brides getting married this year

As much as I love flats, I actually did not wear flats when I got married last year. Instead, I opted for some Louboutins with a slight heel. But thinking back on it, white, cute flats would probably have been a better and more comfortable choice for me. So if you are a lover of flats and are getting married soon, I very highly recommend getting flats for your wedding too.

Some people thing there aren't really that many flats that are suitable for brides, and while really cute and elegant wedding flats might be a bit harder to find than high heel wedding shoes, that's not completely true. There are plenty of nice flats out there that are suitable for weddings too. Even designer ones!

One of my favorite pairs right now are these embellished satin flats from Lanvin (currently for sale over at My Theresa):
I kind of wish I was getting married this year instead of last year, because then I would definitely be getting these!

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