Friday, September 18, 2015

My Modcloth flat wish list right now

Modcloth really has a tendency to stock really nice flats. Just at this very moment I am considering getting no less than 3 pairs of flats from them!

Wanna see which ones? Just read on!

1. I have never owned a pair of Minnetonkas, but always dreamed of it, as these shoes just look sooo comfortable! And I really like the look of this dark brown pair. If they had them in tan, that would have been even better, but brown definitely works for fall too.
2. This monochrome pair from Mel Shoes. I am a sucker for black and white together and these have a rather unusual design which I love.
3. These ink colored booties, although I am really not a bootie person. But in some weathers, nothing beats a bootie, so I am thinking I should invest in a pair. And at least this pair looks cute! And has a great color to fit my wardrobe!