Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My new Lacoste sneakers

Lacoste is a brand I have liked for quite some time, but although I have had some Lacoste stuff in the past, I never got a pair of Lacoste shoes. Until recently, when ASOS put a cute pair on sale, for like half the price they normally take for them. The color of the sneakers happened to be grey as well, and I am really into the color grey at the moment (not sure what that says about me, exactly? Oh well...), so it felt like it was meant to be, so to speak.
And now that I have had a chance to walk around in my new Lacoste sneakers for a bit, I must say they both look cute and are very comfortable. So I definitely recommend anyone who likes the look of Lacoste shoes to look them up and give them a try! They really are very nice!
(the only downside with my specific sneakers might be that they do seem like the kind of sneaker that has a tendency to get dirty very easily. But I kind of knew that when I chose this color, so I can't really complain..)

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