Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The perfect flats for a bride

If you love flats, you may want to get married in flats as well when it is time for your wedding. I know I personally did when I got married. But in the end I didn't, mostly because I found it really hard to find really nice bridal flats. After all, there are tons and tons of wedding shoes out there, but wedding flats for bride are still hard to find for some reason. But I actually think there might be a market for that, so if any shoe manufacturers read this, please keep that in mind: bridal flats are probably more popular than you may think!

I did spot a pair of white satin flats over at Net-a-Porter though, that I think would be just perfect as wedding flats for any bride getting married soon:

The flats are by Lanvin, so they are not the cheapest flats you'll find in any way, but they are so pretty I think they would definitely be worth it! Remember, your wedding is a once in a lifetime (well, hopefully anyway) event, after all!


  1. Lanvin is such a beautiful trend! If I get married one day, I will have to wear flats as well, as I'm taller than my boyfriend ;)

    Xo, Imke

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  2. Very cute!