Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My new, Chinese style flats

At the moment, I am travelling in Asia, so of course I am doing some shopping as well. And one of the things I love about shopping in Asia is that not only is it cheap (compared to where I am from anyway), they also seem really into flats here, so you can find a large variety of flat shoes almost everywhere. Not least was this true when I visited China recently, I saw amazing flats there, including the classic China flats, and of course I decided to get some Chinese flats myself too.

A whole 4 pairs, as a matter of fact, all with a very typical Chinese look.

But if you like these kinds of flats, you don't actually need to travel all the way to China (even though it is something I highly recommend, since I had an absolutely amazing time there!), these Chinese flats are widely available on Ebay, for example too.

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